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91 Accord Clutch

Joe _accord91

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Replaced the master and slave on my 91 Accord and cannot get any pedal pressure, after bleeding for over 30 minutes. The only other part that has not been replaced is the damper assembly. Could this part be bad? Sounds like it will slow the fluid down, maybe like a one-way valve. Anyone have an issue like this and how did you solve it. I am not leaking fuild...that is not the issue. thank you, Joe

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heres what you do follow exactly what i say. get a rubber hose to go from the bleeder nipple to a clear , clean canister that you will have full of fluid. keeping the rubber hose submerged at all times in canister of fluid , crack bleeder screw. make sure master stays full , and start pumping till no more bubbles come out. than tighten it. now , pump peddle a bunch of times with bleeder closed. than , keeping rubber line submerged again like before , crack bleeder once more , and pump the crap out of it again once more , if no more bubbles come out , your good. tighten it once more , remove rubber hose , and your good to go. it must be done this way.

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