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what is needed for 95 civic ex b16 swap

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reason #1: i wouldn't buy from them. speaking from experience with them there products are crap. my buddy dropped a b18c, from a '94 gsr, he got from them into a '93 civic coupe. before it went into the car it had a nice gouge in the #2 cylinder wall. got that fixed then we got the motor installed and it ran like crap. come to find out the head had a small crack in it.


reason #2: another one of my buddy's buought a tranny for his '94 eclipse GS and the tranny lasted maybe 500 miles and the #1 synchro went out.



this was all in '05 so maybe they have better stuff now. i mean you can do what you want but thats what myself and people i hang out with have delt with.


Edit: this was dealing with japanesestarmotors.com. they are less then 30 mins from my old house.

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