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a lot of people told me that my car acts up because of this severe heat in the city. about 100 where I am. when I come to a light my car starts to shake as if it's humping. it's so embarassing. also, car sounds like the muffler is rattling while idle. I tried putting the car in neutral and it will stop for a few seconds but if light is long then it will start again. It got to the point were I had to cut my car off because it was so shaky and noisy. Not only that, two times over the weekend, when I pulled off from the light the car made almost like a choking noise and didn't pick up speed well. it acted as if it was going no where as I was accelerating. is it the transmission not shifting well? When I drove home from work which was at night and much cooler, it was better and had more speed. however, ever few lights and shook a little and seems to overheat fast with coolant present.



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