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need help installing 97 civic ex clutch


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planing to turbo the stock motor and rebuild it from the top up. but as of right now it is just intake, exaust, and just little stuff like short shifter, throttle body spacer, and thats about it. if anybody has parts for a 97 honda civic coupe i need the trunk and the rear bumper.

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undo axle nuts while car still on ground. raise car and put on stands. undo uppers and tie rods both sides. undo wishbone bolts both sides. cut spindle hard one way , and remove axle from spindle. using flathead screwdriver , pry axle from tranny carefully. remove axle by pushing down on control arm and out of strut. both sides. take dizzy off after marking it. take starter off. undo front passenger mount from tranny , leave on car. undo rear engine mount from tranny(few under , couple above). once all out , you should be able to lift the rear mount up and out of the way enough. remove engine stiffeners from engine block to tranny. remove dust cover. undo shift linkage , both bars , one that bolts at tranny end , the other from the shift lever itself. remove boot from clutch fork. remove clutch slave from engine. CAREFULLY , undo the various clips and bolts holding the slave fluid line from its hold downs. get it off the top of tranny and out of way mainly. NO STEPPING ON CLUTCH AT THIS POINT , VERY BAD , lol. remove wiring from tranny , VSS , back up light switch. O2 sensor wire. any wiring in the way basically. put jack under ENGINE , to hold it. take the weight of it only. remove passenger side mount. start removing the bolts holding tranny to engine leaving the top 2 till last. make sure they are all out. one kind of hidden under in behind , get them all. now lower the jack so the tranny is pointing at ground , dont let the pully or anything else rest on anything. now remove the top 2 bolts. once all is free , wiggle tranny free from engine , should come off fairly easy , if it doesnt , make sure all bolts are out. drop tranny to ground carefully , slide out from under car. undo the pressure plate from the flywheel , working around so it comes off even. remove plate and disc. now , remove the flywheel , youl need 12 point sockets for this btw. 10mm for PP , 17mm for flywheel. once flywheel is off , use a punch and hammer to remove pilot bearing from flywheel. pushes out towards engine , thus the reason for removing it , lol. the flywheel should be resurfaced. place a new pilot bearing in. place flywheel back on torque it down to 60 lbs. put clutch alignment tool through the disc(springs towards tranny) and into the pilot bearing holding disc up. than place pressure plate over it , getting all the bolts starting and finger tight. now looking straight at the tool , make sure the pressure plate fingers are centered around the alignment tool. than start to tighten them around in a circle , little at a time working around , torque them to 25 lbs. now , remove the throw bearing from tranny , extend it out all the way , you should be able to slip it form the fork , and place new one on in reverse , greasing where it slides first. make sure its spring loaded and smooth. now the fun part , lol. remove alignment tool. get tranny under car and into place , than hoist it up with buddies , make sure you dont hurt the clutch with the mainshaft , get the shaft in the disc , wiggle it in. make sure tranny is going onto engine flush on all sides , not crooked. once you get it on tight , get the top 2 bolts started. dont use bolts to pull tranny on , it should go on all the way first , or within a 1/4 inch all sides at most. watch out for dowells. replace the bolts holding tranny to engine. than jack engine/tranny back up into place to rebolt the passenger mount. than its reverse order from here on out. good luck.

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thanks cranny sounds easy...??? not well pictures would help but i know what you are talking a bout. and ill try my best i dont think i need to resurface the flywheel im getting a new one installed, but i was wondering should i replace the flywheel gasket behind the flywheel?? thanks

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