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Anyone out there with subs/amp in a 06/07 wNAVI?

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Accord V6EX-L NAVI 2007


I have 3 10s and a amp w/ cap in the trunk. Has anyone heard of the NAVI DVD getting scratched from the subs hitting(for lack of a better word) too hard? I have 2 fine scratchs around the out side edge of the NAVI dvd. Now the NAVI fails to load some times. It gives me the message "DISC READ ERROR SEE YOUR DEALER." I have had bigger systems in cars with older CD changers and had no problems with CD changers scratching discs. I am going to try to get the scratchs out of the DVD so i dont have to spend $200 on a new one. Was wondering if anyone has had the issue.


Thanks Al

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No, the bass is not causing the problem.


Its something that was stuck to the disc and it scratched in rotation. Try cleaning your CD deck.


which Nav system do you have? Pioneer AVIC?

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