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Teh Catback is on Except for...


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Here's pics of the exhaust on the car and stuff, and for those of you that didn't read what I was saying in my other topic. I was riding down the road, then heard something hit the undercarrage (spelling) and i saw something fly off in my rear view mirror and the car got louder. I got home and looked at it, a nut vibrated off of the bolt that connected the header to the test pipe. Surprisingly everything fit together quite nicely and lined up just about perfect. The muffler doesn't stick out 234897 feet. Gonna make sure they're all on there tight tomorrow even though we already checked the first time, but crap could happen again like it already has. Also ordered a new o2 sensor since the old one was nearly impossible to get off of the stock exhaust manifold.


Header Shot.



Rear Shot.



Car Shot.



Underneath Shots.



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