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help nancy decide

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well, i narrowed it down to 2 sets of wheels for my eh bubble. ive decided either on panasport (inspried by jimmy) or sprint harts, both in 14". the thing is that the panasports are 4x114.3 pattern and the sprint harts are 4x100. either way, im gonna convert to discs in the rear. if the patterns were the same id buy both sets but theyre not, either i go 96 itr suspension or gsr. if i get the sprint harts they will be sand blasted and powder coated bronze.


heres what they actually look like.





sprint harts-



what does my hf family think?

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Sprint Harts all the way, but why only 14's? One reason I say Sprint Harts, besides I like them more, isn't it pretty "hard' to get new rotors for 4x114.3 converted Civics, since they are not the common style here? I know you can't use Prelude 4x114.3 rotors. If you went with the 4x114.3 conversion, I'd say stick with the stock Type-R wheels.




I hate how baller you are!

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Anyone ever notice how often Nancy needs our help to spend her money?


I do like the Sprint Harts


I wonder how they ended up with four mismatched wheels...

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well, i have white sprint harts so i think the panas.




No you don't. Your brother does.

Pwnt to the extreme!


they'll be mine for about 3 months and i'll be buying them soon enough.

Please, please, lower your car before you put on some baller ass wheels.

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I call wheels that are "baller status" in the Honda world, to be "baller ass wheels." If you said, "hey I got new Konigs today," I'd probably say cool and give you my opinion on the wheels. But when you buy wheels that are fairly sought after, but usually not obtained because of price and/or rarity like Spoon, Mugen, Volk, etc., I consider them on a different level.


If anything, I'm giving compliments to those wheels, I could say you're a f*cking idiot to want to put wheels like that on your car for daily use when there are Rotas. Chill, you act like a smart ass all the time on this forum and people rarely say anything, but when you start picking at the crap I say, which isn't even negative, you better damn know that I'm not just going to brush it off. I literally read atleast 5 posts from you a day that are smart assed and inappropriate or just complete uneccessary post spam. Such as you responded to a thread that was probably last active 5 days ago to just write a stupid response that really wasn't needed.

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hey frackhats, this is my thread for my wheels for my civic. take your lovers querrel elsewhere.


Sorry Nancy, just pisses me off. Websites clearly label these type of wheels to be "rare JDM wheels," and him having to make a comment on my opinion about them sort of pisses me off. If they aren't wheels that people should make a big deal out of for being genuine, then what's the point of him posting pictures of them coming in the mail or why not buy knock-offs.


I'm sticking with the Sprint Harts for your car.

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