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93' civic 4dr to del sol front end conversion


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My little brother has a 93' civic 4 dr. He got it for a steal but the hood and left fender need to be repainted. We were thinking it would look really cool if we did a front end conversion to a 93-95 del sol. Anyone know anything about it. I know it would need new hood, fenders, lights, and bumper. But would it need bumper internals? Any help would be great and pix would kick @$$ 2. Thanks

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Ignore the hate. If it's what you want to do, go for it. Just make sure that if you try to do it you do it properly and actually finish the work. Don't drive around a half completed bondoed and primered wreck and live up to the stereotype.


I have a friend locally that converted his eg hatch to a sol front end. It looks pretty good.


You would need the hood, bumper, grill, headlights, turn signals, bumper core. You use the original fenders and cut and bondo them to mold them to the slightly different shape of the headlight and the corner of the bumper. If you take your time and do it properly no one but Honda enthusiasts will really be able to tell. It really does look like it should have come that way.

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Yea I was hopeing that I wouldn't have to worry about the internals becasue they get expensive if you have to buy new. But its not possiable for the sol fenders to bolt right on to the civic body? I figured that because they were the same engine bay it wouldnt be a big deal. I really dont feel like doing any cutting and welding work...bondo I dont mind but welding isn't my thing. And go away haters, I very much dislike the front end of the 92-95 cvics


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Sure you might be able to bolt the fenders on, but then you would end up with a much larger surface area that didn't match with the rest of the body of the car. The sol bodyline is completely different then the sedan. If you use the stock fenders the bodylines remain intact and the only area you have to try and blend in is the smallish 6in contact area around the headlights and the front bumper.


It will probably be a couple weeks, but I will try and get a pic of his hatch and post it up.

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