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Engine Number/Rubber Plug


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Beside "I think" my engine number there is a rubber plug and when you remove it you can see down in there and it looks like the flywheel. All the cars that I see listing engine numbers this plug is missing. Has it been taken off for a reason or is it just missing.

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My A20A1 had the same plug. The previous response is correct; the plug is to see the timing markings on your flywheel. You take your timing light and point it into the hole and then make the appropriate adjustments if necessary. I put my plug back to keep dust out of the flywheel/clutch area.


I cannot think of a reason to leave it off, even if constantly advancing or retarding the timing, that's just me.


Sometimes I feel like I am the Monk of self-taught mechanics. It bothers me if I see a picture of a motor on the web and the plug is missing. When I lost my A20A1 plug down a drain (working on cars in apartment complex parking lots is hard), I went to Honda and bought a new one.


Like I said, that's just me. I also work in 5mil nitrile gloves and keep 5 cans of chlorine-free brake cleaner handy.

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im still getting used to them , but ive been wearing nitrile gloves as well lately. but not for every project , lol , they take away from your motor skills somewhat , lol.

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