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crannys EM2

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heres a few pics i took yestersay of my car , havent posted pics in a while and alots changed , lol. some will like it , some wont , flame away , i like it , haha. i know its a bit ricey , but i cant make it fast and im not someone who can drive a car without doing anything to it.


my garage has been very busy and only getting busier , everytime i do a money job now , i put the proceeds in a jar. i figure at the rate im going , i should have a K swap before Xmas this year.


ignore the empty coffee cup , mothers show and shine spray bottle , and gatorade bottle , haha.



factory ashtray option you never see in these cars , i bought it and fired it in



new deck , pioneer premier DEH-MP770.



new gauges i got not long ago.



my pitbull getting in the dam pics , lol.



check out my back tires , haha.







new cross drilled slotted rotors , zinc coated , they have been on there for a while now , as you can see , no rust on them yet.





i know its not the cleanest right now , but these pics were kind of spur of the moment.

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im working on the engine , ill work on stopping the engine later , lol. i just wanna get my hands on the rear spindles off either an RSX or acura EL.

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yeah the backs are done i know , lol. try a mortgage , kids and family , tires become less important till the moneys there. just drive slow in the rain , lol.

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Your post contradicts itself Billy. You say it's 4x100 and then state that it's both 4x100 and 5x114.3 depending on the year of the EP3.



i thought they were all 4x100 then i looked it up to be sure then i found out they weren't.. so i just edited so it would be true.


didnt do a good job at explaining the edit.

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I think it's pretty nice except, of course, the spoiler, which kinda kills it.


Lookin' forward to when you get a K swap in there, man. If anyone on HF deserves one, it's cranny.

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I love the wheels and the Tim Hortons!. I'm not going to hate on anyone for their choices, but the spoiler is not my thing, but at least its not aluminum.

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doesnt look bad IMHO. nice job cranny.


yea take it from the birdman himself. you had a pretty tall wing on your street ricer didn't you?



when my motor craps, i'll have a K20z3 swap.


hahahahaha, I'll believe it when I see it.

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im not into the Z series. i hate that drive by wire crap , i want a throttle cable , lol.


you aren't lying dude. i hate my workvan. i can stomp the pedal like 6 times in 3 seconds and it won't do a thing LOL.

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