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I'm such a ricer...

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...now I can tell everyone I have a Type-R swap, muahaha! JDM Honda Integra GS-R B18C motor, old style Skunk2 Pro-Series Intake Manifold, JDM Honda Integra Type-R Exhaust Manifold, and my new JDM Honda Integra Type-R Valve Cover. B18C, son!








Just kidding, I really wouldn't pull that crap; or would I? Muahaha!

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I probably would, haha. Especially when I race a few kids for money. Set my car up in a sleeper way for the first week of turbo, then pop my hood and say I did a different motor swap, so let's run for $500. Then piss on them. :)

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Sounds like something I'd do. However, I can't. You know what an uncatted practically straight pipe LS1 sounds like.


By the way, you have LSD in that tranny yet?

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Not to mention when that camshaft goes in, you can't hide that. Well, you can, sort of. Get yourself a Y-Pipe with catalytic converters on it, not high flows though, then get yourself two QTP electric cutouts, then an OEM SLP Dual/Dual exhaust. Setup will be pretty quiet, until you open up those cutouts. Or you could get one catalytic converter at the Y-Pipe 2-1 section with one cutout, but I doubt it will be that quiet with only one. My one high flow catalytic converter was almost just as loud as no catalytic converters, but gave it a nicer tone.


These kids I want to take money from are tool bags though; some just idiots I never liked and some who are my ex-friends.


And no, I do not have a limited slip differential yet, doubt I will for a while. Even with the turbo setup, I will be peg legging it for a good long while. I don't plan on racing it a lot, I just miss having the confidence on the road and at the track of having something fairly competitive. I don't like street racing much anymore either, I just like knowing I can take something if I want to.

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i didnt think the C5 manifold would work on a GSR motor.


thought it was just the C5 and B16aX motors.


some reason i thought the head ports were set up differently..


They aren't, but when you put an aftermarket one on, it's hard to tell the difference, especially since most stock intake manifolds are replicas of Type-R's, just better flowing.

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