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Neon Music Interface Any good? Step innn

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Help me out Guys






1: Do you guys know If those are any good? wich one is better or are they the same one? the reviews are good. also, to my understanding, with this you can control it if you want the neon too PULSE to the music but it can also be controlled so it stays Consistent and doesn't Pulse at all. Right?


2: Also.. You think i will have a problem runnin switches with those neons too the battery? you think the stock factory battery can handle everything proper?:thumbsup:


3: What are some good sizes for my evo under the dash? I was thinking 15" on passenger and driver and maybe a 30" in the backseat? or is that to big?



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ok here is the best way to hook up the neons get a regular switch hook up the negative of a speaker to one end and hook up a regular ground to the other and then there you go keep the power constant and it will beat to the music with one flip of the switch and it will stay regular to the other. this is an easier and cheaper way to do it. the only downfall is to get to shut off you eather have to turn the car off or just disconnect one of the wires. But if you wanted it to beat to the music only the you could just hook up the negative of the neons to the negative of a speaker ant it would just beat. once again cheaper and probably easier and faster.

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I bought one just like that for 27 bucks at advance and hooked it up it was cool. Except driving a road bump can make it beat too. Best place would be inside the car, or trunk. If i had neons i would buy one again. INMO

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