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New Clutch For Del Sol

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I am having a big problem with the 93 Del Sol Clutch.


I revved the engine to 2000 RPM on 1st gear and it wasn't going anywhere far. And I had to switch to 2nd to keep moving.


On the Freeway, I was doing 70mph @ 3500 RPM. Is this right?

I also lost 1/3 of the tank by going 20 miles on the freeway.


I need a new clutch.


Well, I'm not a tuner pro and don't know diddly swat on tuning period


I'm trying to get the most power for my Del Sol Si. But nothing too major b/c I'm not going all out with the performance tuning thing.


So I've looked on past posts and I read about different clutches:

- ACT or Action?

- Exedy?


Which brand would be good for me?


Should I change the flywheel also?


If so, what brand should I get?


Your support would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance. :crazy:

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Exedy and Action are both good names. If you change the flywheel go with Fidanza -- I've heard nothing but good things. At least get it resurfaced when you change the clutch if you're high-mileage.


3500 in fifth at 70 sounds right. But the 20 mpg on the highway should be way better (I got 43) and that would not be affected by the clutch. There may be some other forces in play there.

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