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Is third brake light failure common?


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my third brake light on my 1987 crx hf does not work. it must be a wiring problem b/c i have changed the bulbs and checked the fuses. i have noticed while driving behind other 1st gen CRXs that thier third brake light doesn't work either!


is this a common problem?


my trunk light doesnt work either, i am pretty sure it is related.


has someone else dealt with this problem? maybe you can shed some light on the issue and help me fix it...


thanks in advance.

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I had similar problems on my 1986 Accord LX (A20A1 2.0L SOHC CVCC 12 valves), but never was able to fix it. I believed it was a poor ground given the age of the Honda, but doubted this since only one system was effected and Honda shares grounds.


Since you have several components failing in the same general area, I would check the grounds.


I do not have my Helm Publishing manual any longer, so I cannot tell you where the grounds are located.



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