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1998 gsr misfire

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have a 98 gsr and i was doinga really in depth detail on it which involved pressure washing the motor, after this on my way home (5 miles) it began to misfire and check engine light was flashing. when i got home i opened up the distributer cap and let it sit overnigt hoping it would evaporate all the moisture. tHe next morning I noticed the a nipple on the evap puge control solenoid was cracked. so i replaced it and reset the ecu. When i started it up it was cool for a little bit, but then it started misfiring again and check engine light blinking again. Someone please help! emsad.gif

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try spraying WD-40 inside the distrbutor cap .remove the plug wires and check if its wet too.

About the WD-40,don't ask . I was skeptical myself when someone told me to do this and it worked.

but try that .



well the wierd thing is that when i turned it on there was no cel. then afeter maybe 30 sec. it came on and started idling really rought when i rev it to like 2k, it runs fine but it's when its idling. i'll try the wd-40 but then will i have to reset the ecu again?

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dude, i had water get down into my spark plugs and my gsr was running on 3 cylinders for a month before i figured out what the problem was. it sucked cuz i was only as fast as a prelude during that time.

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