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I Bought my Evo Ix Se Special Edition!!!

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And i popped my tire today or last nite ;(. car only had 125 miles after it popped. :( im sure someone popped it in front of my house or somethin thoe. eeeeh oh well hopefully warranty covers it if not time to buy a new tire from dealer.




i bought the car with 50 miles on it.car is really really nice. i love it. bought it for 31 g's. an i guess the se special edition has somethings that the MR has. i like the front lights how u can move them up an down from the inside of the car. An the lights look real nice at night how they shine.


Just wanna say im real happy bout my car an love the car.:thumbsup:




Anyone know why i get that black grease around my rim everytime i drive a car?? i drove my dads stick shift corvette an i left that black grease around his rims. i got it around mine. an i kno how to drive stick anyone kno the reason for that?


And does anyone kno how much Hp my car has stock? an how i can bring it up more with bolt on things?



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