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2001 Civic engine swap


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depends on what you want to do. you can get an h22 for relatively cheap and have 200hp right there, but its not that great of a motor for turbo or supercharger.


You could get a gsr (b18c1) and have 170hp but with several basic bolt-on mods you could easily be over 200hp and its a nice motor to have. I had one in my civic and it kicked ass, i beat a civic with an h22 swap in it.


you could get the type-r motor (b18c5) which is the same size of the gsr but with 200hp. It is also as expensive as hell.


In my opinion. Get a gsr swap, you get the most bang for your buck and you will love it. Its also a really good motor for turbo-charging or supercharging.



Edit: keep in mind though, that if you get a swap, you will lose power steering and air conditioning.

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