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Hey I have a 1999 Civic EX. I love the car, but it's always been used as a daily driver. As such, it has seen its fair share of use and abuse in parking lots from others opening their doors too fast, or rocks hitting it while driving behind trucks. The car just doesn't look as nice as it used to. Is there a way to get the somewhat rippled look of the sides of the car to be as straight they were before? How much does this cost? Does it require a full repainting? Where can I get things done?

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youll never get it perfectly straight again, but bondo helps especially if youre good and have patience. take it to a body shop and get an estimate. it depends how many dents you want to fix and where they are on the car if you want it fully repainted. but if there are several all over the car, expect to pay a couple grand to get them fixed and the car repainted.

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Yeah.....I have so many dents in my civic from the previous owner (17+).......but i'm saving the body work for the last step in my mods..........i'm gonna get it painted in a metallic copper. To take all my dents out and completely repaint it they said it would be about $6,500........ :glare:

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