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The only true short shifter for 6th gen's is the PSPEC short shifter, but they are quite a challenge to get a hold of. The one that works for our cars are the ones marketed for the Prelude. The difference between the adapter and the shifter is with the true short shifter, you replace the entire lever and everything in order to shorten your throws. The adapter attaches to the OEM lever and moves where the linkage attaches to make the throws shorter, and then to shorten the height you would have to cut the lever, which is what I did. As far as throw and height, I've measured and compared it to someone who has the PSPEC, and there wasn't more than a 1/2 inch in height, and the throw is identical.


One additional thing about the adapters, some people who have installed them have a problem with the adapter rubbing against the plastic framing in the console. The solution is to either cut the plastic, live with it rubbing, or getting a different adapter. The adapters are all pretty close to identical, but you never know. I have a DC Sports, myself.


Here is my short shifter:



Here is the PSPEC with PSPEC knob and boot:


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oh didnt notice the only 6th gen.


how much lower does the shifter sit?


and is it worth the money?


1/2"-3/4" lower maybe. Its up to the purchaser as to whether it would be worth it or not. To me, $200+ was not worth it, since the throw is the same as an adapter I can get for $75 or less, but again, that's just my opinion. The guy I got that picture from wouldn't use anything else, so there is two sides to the same ol' story...:thumbsup:

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Ya, but its not really an adapter, its all 1 piece (The lever and the mount for the linkage). The Shift Knob and boot are extra I think.

for $220 shipped, you get the shifter, boot, and knob. http://www.pspectuning.com/contact.php

i have a Forbidden for my 5th gen, and i love it. nice and heavy, well constructed. only cost $106 but it only comes with the shifter, which was all i needed anyway.

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i had a forbidden short shifter on my 5th gen also.


it didnt make a difference.. my car sucked.


lol... Torque-less Accords FTW!


My short-shifter with the adapter reminds me of my wifes civic (before she totalled it). Its kinda nice. I guess my accord "thinks small."

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