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Just Bought A 93 Del Sol ---Clean Stock---

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Hi, my name is Solo.


Just bought a 93 Del Sol Si. Clean Newer paint Blue with everything stock except intake.


I don't know much about tuning, so seeking some advice.


I've test drived a couple of 93 Si before. The "modded" ones seem to have better clutch, more power, and faster.


And the one that I have, I get the feeling that the clutch is hurting the power and i'm driving at high RPMs for acceleration between gears. And it's really not that fast.


So my question is:


- Does Racing Clutch put better use to the engine?

- Does bigger rims mean you can go faster?

- Does Exhaust and Intake play a big role in speed and power?

- My Si doesn't say VTEC on it, or any engine specs on it. Am I getting the 125HP as stated by Honda?

- What else can I do to increase performance and speed without hurting the car in the long run?


I apologize, but I get all these opinions from my friends about tuning and they are very contradicting sometimes.


Some professional advice and input would be great.



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welcome to hf, hans.


bigger rims will slow you down, honda engine's aren't known for torque straight from the factory.


intake/header/exhaust is a good start, as is an aftermarket clutch and lighter flywheel. should make a nifty little gain off of it. if anything you can go with a small bottle shot or even turbocharge it for not a lot of money.

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