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motor swap or turbo


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Hey, how you all doing, this is my first post. let me start by saying i have a 1988 crx si, and im lookin to build it up slowly. i have a friend that will give me a b16, but it needs bearings and a new rod. he'll sell it to me for 500 i believe. I also was looking on ebay and saw complete turbo kits for around a grand, and i have a mechanic that will install it professionally for me. so would it be smarter to buy the motor and turbo it, or turbo the motor i already have? my car only has 100k miles on it, and its running great. any and all input is much appreciated. thx

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Go with what the guy above me said. Save your money and buy a kit from a reputable company like HKS, GReddy, Turbonetics, and the list goes on. But you will be much happier in the long run.

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no point in buying a damn turbonetics kit fot over 2k....

make a home made turbo kit..

go to homemadeturbo.com look around....

I would buy a kit just to make sure I didn't f*ck it up.

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Beware of eBay.


I bought an A/C compressor.


I knew I was buying a Sanden Model: S10 “knock off”, but did not know the consequences that came with such a purchase.


The compressor came with a warranty that pretty much said if the compressor did not blow out cold air, or failed within the first year, they would replace it.


Well, after the install, I discovered the compressor worked exactly the seller described, but did not meet my expectations. The compressor was roughly 20 lbs. light on the low side and 30 lbs. low on the high side. It blows cold air, but the air is about 40ºF warmer than the real deal.



Here is how this relates the purchase your considering:


Cheap alloys and shotty forging makes for substandard components.


Consider this: The outside of the compressor I bought has air holes in the cast. There is no reason for me to believe the inside of this thing should be any different, nor is there anything to convince me a cross-section of my compressor would not show the forged metal looks like Swiss cheese. Judging by the sound my compressor makes when operating, I would be willing to guess: the pistons were not honed to exacting specifications, the contacts have not been machined true, and the bearing are made of a substandard material.


There is no reason for anyone to believe this is an isolated incident.


The turbo may look good, but what metals were used to forge the turbo manifold? Will the turbo manifold fail prematurely? Could micro fissures cause unexpected catastrophic failure, including a massive oil fire?


I don’t appreciate the lack of accountability on eBay and there is almost never a way to find out if your item was built to meet the requirements of your application.


eBay = Buyer Beware

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