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hello from hollywood


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i called in sick for the weekend and decided to take my son to hollywood. its so weird over here and it smells like pee, other than that its pretty cool.


a few stars that caught my interest






this guy was so cool



other ones





me and my baby




i have more that ill post later, photobucket is lagging.

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haha, yeah it does smell like pee. we went there at night and it was pretty shady, and we got harassed by some sweeper guy outside of the chinese theater. i have a picture somewhere of two of our friends being harassed by some other random guy, i think he may have been a bum or something, and one of our friends has this priceless look on his face.

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eh, its hollywood. i have work there on occasion. the street actors outside of the chinese theatre are pretty cool. you should see them on a busy day, they end up all over the place.

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you should smell ny subways. when there are bums around, you'll smell urine. I sometimes go clubbing here and would have to walk pass by some bums in downtown and you'd smell strong urine and feces. i dont know how they can live like that. id strip butt naked if it rained.

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nice pics and cuuute son :)


ya, it's just like Rick said..."eh" I see this place too often...I've been to San Diego only 3 times...once to the mall, once to Sea World and the other time just going everywhere and to the beach with bf...

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