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95 teg redo

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heres a few pics of a rotten ass teg ive been working on for a couple weeks in spare time. comming along now. he brought me no replacement pieces , this is all sheet metal , bent and beat into place by hand , pain in the ass and it doesnt come out as good , but here yas go.



















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well , got it painted last night finally. couple little imperfections , couple runs in the clear , the plan wasnt to spray it in my garage , but we had to and the lighting is crap. too dark to see what your doing really. but overall , and considering you could see through half the car when i started , lol , it looks fukin awsome. heres one pic , ill take some more in the sun and when its untaped.



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looks good, cranny whats up with the bent up butter knife on the ground in the pic :laugh:



i decline to answer , on the grounds it may incriminate me , hehe.

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