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bad main shaft bearing?


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im a total car noob and honda is telling me i have a bad main shaft bearing, but they are playing warranty games with me.. :dry:


what can cause the main shaft bearing to go bad? i have a 01 manual civic and my honda dealer is telling me i need to replace the main shaft bearing. they say it will be like 10 or 12 hours of labor at $90 an hour + $360 for parts.


All of this is covered by my warranty BUT (heres the real question) somebody hit my car about 4 years ago and messed up my bumper. the guy hit the front drivers side corner of the car at about 10 or 15 (ish) mph. Honda is telling me that my main shaft bearing might be screwing up now (years later) because of that incident. They say they will only know for sure once they open up the transmission and look at the bearing.


if they look at it and decide its from "outside forces" then i have to pay for the time they already spent to open up the car (and put it back together). but if they decide its from natural causes then its all covered and i have a happy day. so im kinda tossing a $1500 quarter



the reason i brought the car in to them in the first place is because when im sitting in neutral and i push the clutch in and out the motor is noticeably louder with the clutch out and it quiets down when i push the clutch in. It might make some other bad noise when it drives but i dont really know what to listen for..



is this main shaft bearing thing something that dies alot on 01 civics? does it normally die on its own? or could a minor accident break it? also, does anybody know how the hondacare warranty works for the dealer? do they have any good reason to try to make people pay for stuff that should be covered?


i know i probably wrote to much but im a total noob with cars and ill probably end up either spending or saving about $1500 based on what you guys tell me here so i figure ill say as much as i can.


any ideas would be greatly appreciated !



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well what kinda damage did the hit do to the car? it could be because of the wreck but i highly dout it. if the frame was crushed in and it gave a brutal beating to the tranny then i think maybe. but also check the recalls for that car. iv only replace one of those bearings before and the tranny had 185000 mile on it. so i think that they are pullin your chain. also read up on the subject and next time you go in there you wont sound like such a newb. thats where they get most people

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I can't answer your technical questions.


My thoughts, if the accident happened more then a couple months prior then the accident should have no bearing on the bearing working or not working. They are just trying to find a why to get out of covering your warranty. I think this would be a nice case of squeaky wheel gets the grease. Do not accept no for an answer. Make sure you are talking the service department manager too, and not the evening manager or the assistant manager. The service managers receive pay bonuses and "gifts" for maintaining a certain level of customer satisfaction. If you endanger that rating they will often take a bit of a hit in the department to keep it from effecting their personal pocket books.

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i guess i shoulda put in some pics..


the car came at an angle into the front left corner. not straight from the side..












notice that the plastic windshield washer fluid thing is still in place, not broken and still working.


is that enough to kill the shaftbearing for the transmission?

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no, hell thats not even enough to have spilled your coffee.


it didn't even crack the wheel-well plastic.


tell the guys at the shop to bend over and grab their ankles cause there is no way in hell that little ding hurt the tranny.

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It is however a common failure. You failed to state how many miles were on the vehicle. Did you follow the recommended changing of the tranny fluid? There are any number of things that could've hastened its demise.

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its from grinding gears. i have an 01 civic i bought used and had to put mainshaft bearings in mine already also. not to mention since at least 96 , the trannys ball bearings have plastic retainers and not metal. that accident didnt do crap but ruin your front cover. stop griding gears.

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the car has about 85k on it. and i actually watched the mechanic talk to their floor guy (who then came and talked to me) and i actually heard the mechanic say something about "ive seen this before.." and then they started talking more quietly..


then the floor guy tells me that i have a 50/50 chance that its from the bumper and ill have to pay them all this money if it is.. AND that they wont know until they pull the whole thing apart. once they pull it apart i do not have the option to take the car someplace else and i HAVE to pay them for it. then he tells me that its probably not a problem at all and i dont really even have to ever get it fixed. do i not need this bearing thing for the car to run?



the whole thing felt really shady. plus i have no idea what a bearing looks like so i cant tell if their gonna try to charge me a lotta money for something thats under warranty or if they just dont feel like doing the work so they trying to scare me out of it. What if they try to say its from the accident and its not?


so you guys are saying it would take a lot more violence then that to screw up the main shaft bearing thing.. plus, the bumper thing happened FOUR YEARS AGO. the guy says that the bearing will look one way if its phucked from a four year old accident and some total different way if its dying because of normal honda car reasons.


is that true? it will die in two different ways? 4 year old whatever vs. honda thing sucks?


and yes. i did learn how to drive stick on this car thank you ..im better now :)

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i already answered your question , no it cant hurt the mainshaft bearings. they look like any other ball bearing , 2 races , with a bunch of metal balls in between them , lol. and for the record , theres no way to tell what caused the bearing to fail once you have it in your hand , i never heard anything so stupid in all my life.

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good. i kinda already thought they were screwing with me, thanks alot for your help.


im gonna read up on the thing a little bit more and bring it back to em. i let you know if they try to keep screwing with me


thanks again

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