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Broken trunk lock and faulty interior trunk release


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Hello - My 95 del Sol trunk lock suddenly stopped working. When I insert the key into the trunk lock, I can hear a clicking sound, but it does not release the lock. I do have the interior trunk release, but that only works intermittently (meaning I lift the lever and someone else has to open the trunk).


Is there any way to repair my trunk lock myself or must I pay the exhorbitant locksmith fee? It really sounds like a cable is disconnected and therefore not pulling the lock mechanism back.


Please bear in mind that I'm handy and willing to take apart the lock and investigate, but I'm not a locksmith nor do I have a lot of tools. I was thinking of buying a Chilton manual to search for information therein...


Thanks in advance - I'm sure someone out there has some ideas!

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Chilton's might help you but every time I've used mine I've been disappointed. I'd try clicking the link in HungGSRs signature and downloading a manual free before buying one.


My trunk release lever does the same thing. I just never use it because of that.


Cranny might be able to help you with that one. He knows a lot of random stuff...

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The '93 and '94 models didn't come with trunk releases and I wanted one in mine and actually just installed it over the weekend.....so I have a fresh perspective of what's goin on inside there.

I also used to work for a locksmith.

When you turn the key it moves a plastic tab on the back of the lock. Connected to that tab is a metal rod. The other end of that metal rod is connected to the trunk release mechanism. Also attached to that mechanism is a cable that runs to the trunk release down by the driver's seat.

If you can get the trunk open it's easy to see if that rod has become disconnected.....it just pops right into the plastic tab. If the tab is broken it will need to be replaced (I suggest a wrecking yard....one off of any Honda should work) If the rod is disconnected at the other end you may need to take the trim off and undo the latch mechanism to reattach it. only tools you should need is a phillips screwdriver and I think a 10mm socket/wrench. Just make sure you have a big enough size phillips or you will end up stripping out the screws that hold the latch in place....3 of them. They are in there tight and you need to put a lot of force on them...too small a screwdriver and they will strip very easily.

As for the interior release....when I was putting mine in I had problems until I tugged on the cable from the trunk end and took up some slack. Not sure if that will help or not.

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Thanks to both of you for the excellent advice. This weekend I'll give it a try - as long as I can find a friend to open the trunk while I lift the release lever!


There are a couple of Honda junkyards locally, so I should have luck finding a replacement tab should that be necessary.


I'll post my success/failure after I give it a go ;-)

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You have Honda junkyards locally? Wanna buy a black del sol front bumper and send it to me?


I'll be happy to investigate and see if there is one available.

A few questions:

1. Is there a maximum price you are willing to pay for the bumper?

2. If I find one that has minor damage, would that be acceptable? By minor, I mean a dent that could be pushed out or paint scratching.

3. If I find a 95 front bumper in good shape that isn't black, would you accept that and have it painted yoursef?



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Thank you so much reewinder! Your advice was great and I was able to repair the trunk lock myself this morning, WITHOUT having to visit a junkyard. The problem with my lock turned out to be that the clip at the lock release mechanism (not at the key end, but at the actual lock that holds the trunk down) had broken and the metal rod was flopping up and down, unattached and therefore unable to unlock.


Here are the steps - I've got photos if anyone wants them (couldn't figure out how to add them here). ANY novice can do this :thumbsup:

1. Collect these items: small Phillips head screwdriver, needlenose pliers, #10 bolt remover, flashlight and HELP! Brand Door Lock Rod Clips #75450 for GM/FORD/CHRYSLER (6 clips in the packet). You'll use the BLACK clip.

2. Remove the cover from the roof/lid holder using a small Phillips head screwdriver. Set the screw and plastic part aside.

3. Remove the two bolts that hold the actual roof/lid holder and set the bolts and metal holder aside. I think I used a #10 bolt remover as suggested by reewinder. The #11 was too big and the #9 was too small. I found an old, unmarked one that worked, so it logically was a #10.

4. I tried to remove the metal screw holding in the metal lock cover plate, but didn't have the torque to release the screw - I saw it was going to strip, so this is where I deviated from reewinder's instructions.

5. Remove the four plastic clips along the top plastic edge of the trunk that runs over the lock. Pry off the plastic piece by releasing the rubber seal with your fingernail or a flathead screwdriver. This piece will then pull forward and allow one to get into the trunk and see inside the lock.

6. Climb into your trunk and using the flashlight and needlenose pliers, pinch out the broken old clip.

7. Attach the BLACK door lock rod clip from your packet to the rod and make sure that the end of the rod (the bent part) is sticking inside the part of the clip that will insert through the hole.

8. Use the needlenose pliers to squeeze the clip and rod end through the hole. It's not that hard, but the end one forces through is a bit larger than the hole so it doesn't fall back out.

9. Get out of your trunk and check your trunk lock using the key and also double check your trunk release inside the car to make sure you haven't screwed that part up - while you've got everything open you may as well take care of that!

10. Put everything back together, simply reversing the steps above.


Kragen didn't have the clips for Hondas - they said one has to replace the entire mechanism. I'm a skeptic, so I saw the collection of clips in the HELP! #75450 package and decided it was worth a try for $5. It works!


Thanks again to all of you for your advice and support. I hope these instructions will help someone else in the future!


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Glad to hear you got it working again.

Whenever i want to post pics I just go to photobucket.com and add them and use the 3rd option they have listed as IMG Code.....copy and paste the url of it to here and it works.



Like this....



My new floor mats I got and the trunk release lever I installed




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