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Britney Spears new hair cut


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supposedly she shaved her head , cause she was threatened by someone that they were gonna have her hair tested to see if she was doing any hard drugs , so she shaved her head , suprise suprise.

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It's not a hair do, this would be a hair don't


She would be hot if she wasn't such a train wreck. I have a better chance of winning the lottery then she has of ever becoming more then dirty WT. The image is ruined, her career is ruined, she just needs to go back to Arkansas (or wherever she crawled out of) and move into the first trailor court she can find.

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you can find out a lot of things with hair and finger nails.


She goes buck wild on his car.













that bitch is straight up crazy. is that federlines car? her baby needs to be taken away before it gets dropped again and killed

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