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87 crx FAQs


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I was wondering how hard it is to put a mtx to atx crx?


Then i was wondering whats the best engine swap for the crx even if it isn't a si?


Maybe the b16?

The only reason the B16's are so popular is because of the budget issue.. As for the manual conversion you gotta talk to Dan(90IntegraC1) about that hes one of the guys that I know whos done it on a honda. Go for a GSR swap!!! I love'em. When I get done with my spare D16Y8 its going in my crx. What all is done to your car?

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nothing at all.


Beeeeest way to be.


If I was going for something that was mildly cost effective..I'd go with a GSR swap.. Couple of bolt on's..maybe a 70 shot..plus a tune..I promise you'll be happy.

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