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Overdrive (torque converter not locking up) engaging


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I got my car back from a garage today (94 accord wagon ex non vtec i-4)), I had the engine replaced with a used one. The old engine had 325 000 and blew its second water pump under 75000. I figured it would be just as wise to replace the motor for 1100$. Anyway, when I got on the highway I noticed quite quickly that the overdrive isnt engagiging (the torqu converter isnt locking up). Anybody have any clues as to what might cause this. The only thing I can really say is that the engine does run alot cooler then the old one (the heat coming out of the vents is not much above 20C/70F). Could itbe something to do with the thermostat, and the computer not thinking its warm enough?


Any help would be welcome


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