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here is how i end my evening

Rick B.

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a double shot of sky, then double shot of triple sec orange flavored liquor , and finally add in a monster, mix in tall glass and drink until finished, then make another. you cant tast the alcohol, but after the first sip, youre all warm and fuzzy inside. you know the feeling, when you with your significant other but not.



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drinky number 2 is gone!!!!!! now to mix number 3. yay

damn i feel good. so good, da da! so good, da da



edit: BTW, you guys are awesome as hell. i consider you all family, its kinda pathetic now that i think about it, but hf has been really good to me.....recently, not in the begininng though, lol. jeeeeez, you guys were dicks then lol. but youre all pretty chill. come out to san diego and party. ill buy.:thumbsup:


hung, youre awesome but still a jerkface, thats why you rock

dan (90), youre awesome, sorry for giving you a hardtime about all the snow, but its pretty funny since i grew up in germany and wisconsin so i know how you feel, sorry the loan officer thing didnt work out, my boss didnt pay me a cent for all the damn work and money i made him.

dan (eh6tuner), get your a$$ back out here and party!!!!

cranny, youre awesome even though your canandian, lol, jus playin man. props to you sir


f*ck, i know im missing some people, forgive me. but youre all awesome.


mods, dont ban me for my alcoholic thread. lol. its all in good fun.


Hondaforums FTMFW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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