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Anybody Else Hate Winter?!?


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I'm miserable...anything below 40 degrees and I get pissed off.


I hate being cold, I hate not being able to drive, and I really hate seasonal depression.


This is what I had to look at all day.....I'm freaking out.



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NO! wanna know why?!?


because i can chill in 55 degrees, i can go outside and enjoy myself....but now there's 6 inches of snow on the ground and i'm stuck in my room watching Avalanche vs. Ducks


ahhhh i'm going insane.

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Exactly Nate!


I just wanna go outside and get some sun!


I hate being pale too, i know that's a girly thing, but i look like a loser all pale and frail.


i don't scoop the driveway, i take a snow blower to it.....haha i own you bitch.

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Well half of the time I procrastinate so long that my neighbor just pushes his snowblower over and does our driveway quickly.


This is weird.


I feel the EXACT same way as you.


Except for the whole pale frail thing, I'm naturally tan and I stay that way all year long...I own you in that.

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