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Anyone wanna do me a favor?

TS John

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So, I wanna get an OEM front bumper in GBP. The cheapo primered one I got off ebay did the job but not well. There is a guy selling one on HT but since I'm not a member there I can't message him. Can someone contact him for me, please? His username is alphaquake and here is a link to his thread:




If someone could do that, it'd be great. I just need to get an email address from him or you can have him email me at john[at]tscreative.net. Thanks, people.


Or, if anyone has a black bumper cover for a 93-5 then sell me yours. I also need a bumper (like, the crash reinforcement bar behind the bumper). Mine got messed up in that accident so I'd like to have an non-bent one when I sell my sol.

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