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RPMs fluctuate when idling

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Hey everyone,


Today I just bought a 1994 Honda Accord fo $900. The thing is in excellent condition, with 137,952 miles on it. Brakes, engine, steering, etc work fine.


At a stop light, however, I put the car in park so I could reach in the backseat to grab something. I noticed that the RPMs starting jumping up and down from 900 to 2,200 RPMs. As soon as I put the car in drive, it stopped. I put it in neutral, it started. I put it in drive, it stopped.


I spoke to a "mechanic" at Wal*Mart when I was there grabbing floormats, and he said it sounded like the Mass Air Flow Sensor was out of wack. Does this sound accurate, and how much am I looking at to get it repaired?


Thank you,

Jordan Meeter

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how's your distributor?


back in the day when mine was AT the rotor kept getting water on it and corroding, which then caused the rpm's to fluctuate all the time, then it would die about 2 weeks later.

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