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same OLD civic NEW look....


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Well I have been wanting to paint it for some time. I was wanting to go different from you run of a mill civic in my area. I was also torn between putting my money towards the B20 swap, but about a month ago some random lady made that decision for me. I was traveling about 55-60 mph(speedlimit 40) down a local access road, headed to see my motyher in law who was freshly out of back surgery....when I lady ,who said she did not see me, Tboned me trying to go from a parking lot and go across the access road to go under the underpass of the freeway....not a hard manuvers except I was in between her and her goal....so I was watching here and then when she pulled out I figure she seen me, I was in the middle lane, so I though" ok she is going to turn a hard right putting her into the far right hand lane.....WRONG!!!"she pulls right out and hits my as i come to a screeching hault.....So after here insurance agent looked at my car and a couple of visits to local collision repairs shops, they cut me a $1400 check. I expect alot more damage but after the dust settled my ride suffered a slight dent in the rear quaterpanel flair, right above the rear passenger side wheel. scratch side molding, and a cracked passenger side window bazel. Any ways to make a longs story whort here is the time line from when I bought it from a local guy on ebay.....to the rims and then the present look.....enjoy and comments and opinions are welcomed.





rims and wheels


the before pics




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looks sweet man. i just did the same thing to my car. so funny how your pics are the exact same as mine, but obviously a different car. are you doin any of the work? good luck with the rest of it

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I was having problems the last couple of days accessing this site for some reason.....so some how I made duplicates of this thread....oh welll and then when trying to put the finished pics upI lost this site completely......leaving you guys in the dark....but here it goes.






now for the finished pics, it was cloudy outside so sunny pics will come when the weather allows.

***NOTE*** I had a neighbors family member across the road think that it was a good idea to park directly behind my driveway this last thanksgiving.....so after being up all night smoking the turkey and driving 3.5 hours to my mothers house i was exhausted. So inbetween my runiing back to the house at 8pm to go to my in lwas house i in a hurry backed right into his explore and cracked my rear bumper and the driverside tail light.....so after a vist to the junk yard those items were replaced.....but the tailights have not been painted to match yet, and i will end up just respraying all four OEM lights so that they match......anys here goes the finished pics.









yes it is finsihed and not primer , it is a MATTE BLACK....i got the idea from James Hetfield 2004 F150 MTX truck






and yes i know i know the hatch needs to be dropped....soon to come.....long woth cr-vtec!


Me and my wifes cousin husband(if you can follow that?) Did all the work, he works at the BMW shp that we did the work at and was able to get the shop for a few days(IT was freezing outside!) It still has not been washed and still has some dust on window seals and such, I will wait until it warms up a bit before I give it a good washing.

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The guy that helped me used to work at a caddilac/Lexus collision repair center, They have a few venders and supplies and the brand we went with was R-M paint.



2 qts of matte black ,hardner, reducer


misc. supplies(tape,paper,body filler,putty,base coat, primer)


paying him for helping a brother out and getting the BMW shop to get out of the cold


Used bumper/taillights from junk yard




thanks for the compliments guys i am glad that all the little dings and dent are gone.

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You should have cleared it with a matte clearcoat to help it hold up. It looks great now, but with only a basecoat, it's not going to last. That's unless your matte black is a single stage with matte clear in it already.


It definately looks awesome though. :thumbsup: to you for being different.

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that's sick....where did you get matte black paint from?


i want to do it....

Sorry I missed your post....I got the matte black through him, He still has connects with the caddy dealership and the collision shop. The brand i got was R-M paint which is off of BASF. It actually is a good quality paint even for being single stage.....If you are serious about picking some up and have somewhere to paint it I can set you up with the person to order it from and if they are not willing to sell it to you(being that is a paint supplier so they may ask for a tax ID number) we can order it for you.......here is the R-M website.





So who on this site is THE MAN when it comes to maing SIGS? I could use a new sig or even a revamp on my existing one. :D

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single stage paint doesn't require clear


It can however have clear sprayed over it again and again.. That's what my dumbass friend did after Maaco painted one of the cars he was selling.. Got the cheap 225 dollar paint job..then had them re-clear over it twice..


Looked like absolute ass in a can.

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