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My SRS light is on (Honda Civic 1996 DX 2Dr) What could be wrong?


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My SRS has been on for over 2 months now, never really bothered to check what the problem could be.


Can anyone help me?

Where can I get this fixed? How much would it cost?

Can I do it myself?



i have a 97 civic dx and mine was recently on after i was hooking up some fog lights to the headlight circuit and found out that the lights were to much and ended up blowing the fuse, i work at a auto garage and i ran my scan tool on it to see what was up with it. well it ended up being a *open* in the circuit and you have to reset the code by following the scan tool instructions, but yes you can do it yourself if you know what your doing, i did :thumbsup: but if your srs light is on, your air bags are dissengaged and something has caused it but when mine come on (my fault) i knew what it was


try this link, its the best i could find http://www.hondapitstop.com/accord/technotes1/SRS/srs.html

or this one http://www.acuraworld.com/forums/showthread.php?t=58348

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check fuses boys. whatever you guys do , dont unplug the airbags from thier harness without unhooking the battery and waiting like 10 minutes. NOT UNHOOK IT AND UNPLUG THEM , WAIT 10 MINUTES , lol. and still just in case , dont be in front of them.

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