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This Is What Performance Manufatures Piss Me Off About


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ok so i have a 97 honda civic dx coupe, 1.6 sohc non v-tec, Why is is so dam hard to find a performance 1.6 non v-tec cam that is not reground? everything this lists v-tec and it pisses me off..... no i dont want a motor swap or a mini me swap.....i like my N/A non v-tec and i wanna build it to where i can smoke v-tec 1.8's


the mods are going to be going in as followed:



ZC Pm7 pistons STD. Size

ACL Main Bearings

ACL Rod Bearings

DIY Block Fill

lower end is getting Balanced And Blueprinted



KMS +1mm Valves

KMS titanium Retainers

KMS Double Valve Springs

Port and Polish

ARP Head Studs

And a i cant find a damn sohc non v-tec cam for nothing lol



I Plan on revving out around 8500-9000 rpms and i want a reliable motor and i need a good well repped cam so my question is help me please :help: :help: :help:

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And why is this Honda's fault? They sold it to get good gas mileage, not go fast.


You are going to rev to 9000 with stock rods and rod bolts? Not a good idea. What block are you using? Why are you getting oversized valves? Titanium retainers are teh suck.

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well not stock rod bolts, im going with ARP but yea stock rods...im already revving at 7200 on stock rods and notice i said no motor swaps.... i wanna kick the 1.6 SOHC non v-tec and i know its not hondas fault but does anyone know of a companY that makes a good cam for my ride? i wanna oversize the valves to gain max performance with topend right now, eagle rods are a future investment, im buying a spare block d16y7 to build it up on...what retainers would you recommend?

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So you're going N/A, therefore raising compression.


You want to do nitrous, but w/ such a high CR you're risking detonation....


I hope you know what you're doing, b/c your little non-vtec n/a build will have a hole through the head if you're not careful.

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im not all to sure on the n20 yet but if i do go ahead and put it in i only plan on using it the least bit and it would only be maybe a 50 shot at the most, ive been around motors for quite a while so i know what to do and what not to do, but im not saying i know everything and that is why id like some imput, thanks hondaforums

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