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I hate moving...


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I hate moving. I really do. Today I packed all of my stuff into two duffle bags and then stuck them in the rex. Which by the way looks like it has a lift kit on the front now. Seriously like 6 inches of wheel gap and no I don't have pics or a camera. But anyway, I started driving today and realize now why you take the resistor box out of ODB-0 cars when you do a OBD-1 swap. My car stutters worse than that one kid we have all made fun of at one point or another in our lives. But I made it to Kentucky and by the end of this week I'll be in Indianapolis. And then hopefully I'll get a new car shortly and then have something else to butcher a lil at a time.


Well I'm done, anyone else is more than welcome to rant. This is the official Rant thread now.

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WINTER FUKIN SUCKS ME FUKIN ARSEHOLE , I HOPE IT DIES A SLOW PAINFUL DEATH!!!! if i ever meet the guy whos responsible for the cold , im gonna boot him right in his left nut.


and by the way 88 , easy fix man , cut the injector wires from the resistor box that come from the ecu , and wire them right to the OBD1 injectors (you need OBD1 injectors). done. the yellow/black(power) wire on each injector will stay , the other colored one will be cut and wired direct to OBD1 ecu.

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