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Yikes! Do you REALLY read this?? lol


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Hey all!

Yeah, I'm a newbie, but not really. I've been reading posts from this forum for a long time. My love affair with Hondas started in 1985. I was at our local gas station one day, and saw a CRX there filling up. A woman was paying for the gas, and when she came out, I talked to her about the CRX, and she said that she loved it. I fell in LOVE with it immediately! I convinced my parents that I could make the car payments on one, and later that week, my mom and I went to a Honda dealership about 50 miles away. We talked to a salesman, and there was a six-month waiting list, so we basically bought the car without ever seeing it. My mom told the salesman that we would take the first available CRX that they got, but when we got home, my mom left, and I called the salesman back, and told him that I only wanted a Black Si, and I picked all the available options. It was the SWEETEST CRX you have ever seen! I put these big RoadRunner stickers on the back quarterpanels just in front of the rear taillights on the sides of the car, and chemical etched roses and leaves on the drivers and passenger door windows. I bought big BFG's and some new wheels with black tri-wing spinners for center caps. It had the factory Louvers on the back window. It was such a beautiful car! I had a lot of people stop and ask me what kind of car it was when I would take it out for a drive. Unfortunately, it was short-lived. I was in a five-car accident with it, and hit the back of a Suburban at about 60mph. I had nowhere to go, and could not avoid the accident. A couple of years later, with a wife and new baby, I traded off an old Duster that I was driving and bought a '90 Civic Hatchback 5-speed. It was a pretty blue car, but really nothing special. I had it for about seven years, and it went away with my (now) ex-wife. She actually had the car until just a couple of years ago.

A few years ago, while driving a '78 Datsun 280Z, which burned more oil than gas, I pulled up at Selma Auto Sales in North Carolina, and saw a beautiful red '88 Civic Hatch sitting in the back of the car lot with doughnut tires on it. It was a sad sight, but the car was really CLEAN! The interior looked like brand new. So I left the 280Z there and for a few bucks, drove away in the Civic. Being an FAA certified Aircraft Technician, I love to work on things, and I love Hondas.


My 1988 Civic has the complete suspension package from a 1991 CRX Si. It wasn't easy modifying the E-brake cable to fit a longer body, but it can be done. Then you have 4-wheel disk brakes - NICE!

I have traditional DX wheels, but they are powdercoated black with a thin yellow stripe, like NASCAR wheels. Not everybody likes it, but I do. It's got some fat Kelly tires that help put the power to the road. Cross-drilled rotors and metal pads put big-time stopping power on as well.

It still has the D15B2, but extensive head porting/polishing has really made a difference.

It has an XTD Stage 3 clutch, and a performance rebuild of the 5-speed manual.

A T03/04E intercooled turbocharger and DPFI to MPFI swap has been my latest workings.

I have the interior all out of the back to put in a full-roll cage, and I still want to add a five-point harness to keep us occupants in the vehicle in case things get ugly.

I don't have any plans to drag-race the car, but it handles and corners so well, that I may consider some ASCA racing with it.

So, for now, that's about it. There's a local media-blasting and automotive paint shop in my town, and I'm thinking about a black paint job with a thin yellow stripe.... BTW ladies, I'm SINGLE! So if you are near South Dakota, or want to be...



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