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Buiding a B18C1 to handled 600WHP

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600+hp B18C1 Crate motor

Engine & tranny

OBD1 JDM B18C long block & 97 LS Acura tranny



engine parts

BDL 70 mm throttle body

JG Edelbrock intake manifold

cam gears

type r cams

Super Tech valves, springs, & retainers

NEW OEM oil pump

NEW OEM timing belt

NEW OEM water pump

ARP head studs

NEW OEM head set

NEW OEM bottom end set

shop charge/assembly lube/chemicals

tranny parts

quaife LSD

Differential bearings


Engine build

sleeve block

bore & hone cylinders

hot tank block clean block thoroughly

wiseco coated turbo pistons

crower rods

line bore/hone rods & crankshaft girdle

properly match new crank bearings & rod bearings to right size

main studs

main girdle

balance/blue print/polish crank

install crank girdle

block comes with detailed sheet of build (balance and blueprint) total



dissassemble engine

dissassemble cylinder head

assemble engine

install cylinder head, cams, cam gears, adjust valves,valve cover

install intake manifold & throttle body

install oil pump, oil pan, timing belt, water pump, head studs

install all gaskets & seals

lap valves into seats, assemble valves,springs & retainers

grind valves & seats replace exhaust valve guides

dissasemble tranny,clean & install LSD, replace diff bearings

machine flywheel


About $11,000,including Labor!... not including turbo, fuel rail, and some other parts you'll need

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