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So who downloaded Super Mario World this past Monday? I did, did a quick run through and haven't touched it since. Kind of odd seeing the old 16-bit nemesis' Mario and Sonic on the same system. OH WELL...


Here's my VC List:


Super Mario World - I think this was the best Mario game ever. Some felt Super Mario Bros. 3 was better or Super Mario 64, but I don't know. I like 2D platform side-scrollers better...guess that's the old school gamer in me. Altho Super Mario Galaxy looks like one crazy game.


Sonic the Hedgehog - Crappy port...is it just me or is this port laggy? To bad Sega whored out Sonic like there was no tomorrow. No wonder they don't make consoles anymore.


Bomberman 93 - Used to play this hours on end during college. Oh the memories of blowing up my roomates...


MarioKart 64 - liked it on the 64...for some reason it's not the same on the VC. No time saves and I really wish you could re-configure the buttons cause having it the way Nintendo set up the classic controller really cramps my right hand.


Street Fighter II - for some reason I keep shelling out cash for this series. I had SFII, Turbo, and Super on the SNES. Had Turbo on the Genesis. Got both Street Fighter Anthologies for the PS2. And I have Super on the GBA. BLAH...can't get enough of the game. Prolly should have waited to see if Turbo or Super were to make it on the VC.


Anything you guys woudn't mind seeing on the VC?

I would like to see Dodgeball - that game was awesome.

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