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Need parts D15B2 convert DPFI to MPFI


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Hey all,

I'm new to the forum, and I posted this in the classsified, but some people have told me to post in the Civic section also, so....


Yeah, everyone with the stupid DPFI wants to convert, huh?


I already bought an OBX 65mm throttle body, but of course, it won't work with the DPFI setup, so I need all the other parts to swap it over.


I read somewhere that the distributor? also has to be swapped. Why is that?


So I guess I need a PM6 (?) ecu, harness, intake manifold, injectors, fuel rail, and I'm not sure what else.


So, if anyone needs one, I'll have two PM5 ecu's for sale...


I also have all of the air conditioning parts off this car if anyone is interested in them


1988 Civic DX D15B2

5-speed manual transmission

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