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94' accord ex STOLEN - need help


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Hello all. Very early this morning my girlfriends 94 Accord EX was stolen right infront of her house. The car is completly stock which makes it all the more odd.


It was an automatic and the only options it had were the stock rims, a sunroof, and a spoiler. I called a friend who had two of these cars at one point, both with major mods to them. He told me that the only value that that specific car has nowadays is the spoiler and the interior, as they are hard to find in good condition.


I live in a small city in Florida about 50 miles between two bigger ones. The deal is that there are probably about 5 or 6 Accords with the same body style as hers here and 2 I know for sure with heavy modding done to them.


Why hers, why now? The same friend was telling me (and the point im getting to) is that its hard and time consuming to break into these cars, but not so hard to start them when your actually inside.


He told me you either take a slimjim and pop the lock, pick the lock (both time consuming) or take a hammer and chizel and force the lock into the door pannel and stick fingers through the hold and open it from there. One inside, he tells me no hot wiring is needed, as all you need to do is pull out the ignition barrel (I might be mistaken on the part name) and shove a flathead screwdriver inside and crank it.


She said all she heard was whispering, 2 car doors slam, the car starting IMMEDIATELY and then the car hauling ass down the road.


Three other people I know said this would be REALLY difficult to do unless you really really know what your doing (which I cant see anyone knowing this in this small town) or you have to have alot of time to do this...


Any information if this can actually be done would help, or if anyone thinks there is another way they could have done this because the car was her only way to get around...I live about 20 miles out of town and Im scared to take my car there now in fear of it being stolen too (my car has mods).


Just incase someone lives in Florida around the Fort Myers and West Palm region the accord is a black cherry (marroon) 4 door EX with all the badging. It has a Roxy sticker in the top middle of the back window and had places on the body where the paint is erroding (maybe from someone living near the salt water)


...any info would help...thanks to all...


PS: The reason I posted this here is because its a security question..at least I thought...

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Wow, I also own a 94 ex and I don't even get people looking at my car anymore. and my interior is near showroom condition. Kinda makes me feel bad. I have a nice clean car and noone wants to steal it? noone? Really sorry to hear about that though dude, if it helps I have my old factory accord tapedeck if you want it >_<

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Very possible to steal a car that way. I lost my key and it took me less then 5 mins to take my column apart and start the car. I didn't know what I was doing and was careful not to break anything or lose a screw. Now that I have done it I could see how a pry bar (plastic cover), two screws (ignition switch) and flip the switch and it would be started wih only one column cover being broken and wouldn't take more then 10-20 seconds with practice.

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The screwdriver thing indeed is true. I used to know a guy who used to steal cars and he actually told me a few stories. He mentioned how Hondas and Toyotas were the easiest to steal and with the hondas all you really need is a screwdriver. And you just had to put the screwdriver in the ignition and turn it, or somethin like that. Also, maybe the person who stole your gf's car had a master key somehow. Basically you have a key for certain generation or model vehicles of a particular manufacturer and it will start any car that its specified for. Sounds like BS but the guy who stole cars that I talked to had one of these keys for early 90's 3 series BMW's. Another possibility is that your gf only saw and heard PART of what happened. They could have been there longer than she thought and good thieves can get out within a couple minutes. Theres no telling why they would take hers even though its bone stock, but maybe they just needed a temporary car or could sell it someone, etc. It would be more difficult to sell a fixed up one because its not going to be identical to others so it will have a tougher time to blend in. It sucks that her vehicle got stolen, hopefully the police do find it. I would fill out a police report, but i'm sure thats been done already.

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