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H22a Does it fit ???


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i have a 88 honda prelude si and ive managed to come across a h22 engine, is it possible to drop in, if not does anyone know the modifications needed???

patience my friend, patience...+ lots more


i think u should do it man...thats a BAD set up (in a good way)


GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!! :thumbsup:

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they're a bitch.


i had the H22 and $500 worth of mounts....then got offered twice as much as I bought the H22 and dropped that idea.


basically, stick w/ B-series in DA's b/c it's not worth it to squeeze an H-series engine into that small space.


but he has a lude.....which is small, but it might work.....not that i'd even know though, '88 Ludes are before my time brothas.

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