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Enkei wheels, good deal?


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I found these locally and wondered what everyone thought of the price and condition.


Enkei RSF-2 205/40/17 with a +40 offset (I don't know what the right offset should be btw, i haven't researched it yet) I know 17 are a bit big, but I haven't found much else that looks decent near me. Tires have ok tread. Shouls get a full summer out of them. Maybe $400 after a bit of haggling. Wheel #5 is rashed, others are all clean.





On this:


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I believe the cds would look good too, but I think I need a cdplayer for them to be useful. And while we are at it maybe some speakers too. Be nice to hear the sound coming out of the player?




If this guy will call me back I'll be getting these tomorrow.

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They're asking $250 on craigslist




Bought these for now. Still waiting on other guy to call me and take my offer. He may not. If he does these will be available for you if you want them coolcat. I could ship them to you, or if you wanted to cover my portion of the gas I would meet you halfway or partway. But only if that other guy calls me back and I get the other wheels.


I love road trips!

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Got the cheaper wheels. Tread is good, they're just a little dirty. No rash, nice condition. Set one by the car to see what it looked like. Looks like a nicer wheel sitting next to a non-running snowcovered dx is what they looked like.


oops, double posting, oh well

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why is it non running lol?


In the middle of changing the alternator I ralized that I didn't have a large enough wrench/ratchet to get enough leverage on the bolts to break them loose. I waited a day to find a more suitable tool and the next day it snowed and was like 10 outside ever since. Way to cold to work on the car in the driveway. That was two weeks ago.

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