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I might get a new car


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Soooo my brother hit a pole the other day and got a mild concussion from it. He wasn't goin that fast so it wasn't THAT bad. Though he was in the hospital all of Saturday night


My dad is gonna look at the car tomorrow in Aston, PA and I'll be getting a call about midday to hear what kind of condition the car is in. No one knows because my brother doesn't remember much from the accident (hence the concussion). But its pretty likely that my parents are going to declare it totaled because there is no collision insurance on it.


I'm most likely going to be driving home on spring break so I can give my brother my car to use. He needs it more than I do. I barely drive when I'm up here. Therefore probably after I get some more money in the summer I'll have a new car possibly by next fall. Hooray. And yes, it will be a Honda. Not sure what though.


That is all.

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99-00 Civic Si

'94-'01 GSR

'97-'01 Prelude

-Hard to find but maybe

-I wish, lol

-Depends on $$$

-Depends on $$$ again


I'm not gonna start looking into it too much yet. Its pretty early to.


88CRXsi - of course its gonna be 5spd and moddable.

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