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Well today a wonderful present came in the mail. A brand new (to me) P28 and a conversion harness. So naturally I put it in my car, along with the Brand New (shiny too) distributor. Now it gets all the gas it needs and VTEC finally works! Im happy, but does anyone have a 4 wire O2 sensor that I might be able to have for the cost of S&H? I don't want it to always have the check engine light on.


BTW I now have a good PM6 ECU for the Si and a distributor as well. I give em to anyone for 10 bucks a piece or the money saving 20 dollar package deal, plus shipping. And I won't scam you on the shipping either.

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I have an 02 sensor. O_o It's off an obd2 car..though..if that makes any difference.


It has..however..sat in the rain for about a week, it isn't rusting..(not yet at least).

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