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waht you doign tonight?


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Old Testament Class: 4:30-7 pm

Visit my lady's dorm: 7:10-7:45 pm

Go to friends house to play NHL '07 on xbox: 8:00-10:15 pm

Talk to Chubs on way home via text message: priceless



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nothing either , tired , lol. went to work at 7 in the morning monday. got home form work at 6 pm. started taking the tranny out of a 97 1.6 el acura at 7 pm. was done putting new tranny(D16Z6 tranny instead of Y8) in at 10:30(i will have pics of this shortly). than i smoked a bunch of dope and sat around till about 2 am , lol. now here i am up at 7 again , cause i have the day off have to stay home with my 10 month old today and watch him while my honey works today , lol. im so tired , lol. have to put a GSR tranny in a 92 teg wednesday as well , not looking forward to it , but i think its just my energy level at the moment talking , lol.

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