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i got some new wheels


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sorry i had to :(


what color do smurfs turn when you choke them?


sorry for the off topic.


those rims do look really good. where do you get all of these honda wheels from? dont you have like 2 other sets of different ones?

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not hating or anything..


rims just look like a darker shade of white than the car paint.. looks good as hell though.


I think the wheels might just be a little dirty...not positive though.


I think it looks awesome Nancy. I usually perfer a contrasting color on wheels, but that looks really clean.

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thanks for all the nice comments. the reason for the different shades of white is cause the wheels are of jdm oem championship white paint and the car is usdm frost white. im planning on new paint in the summer. the wheels are just for winter time then when spring hits ill put the pimp ones back on.


ts john made the blue nut comment because anyone who knows me knows i had blue nuts on my itr. its all good.

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