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Speedo / Odometer Accuracy

Toy Civic

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I've seen the info about the 02-06 Hondas having speedo accuracy issues and that a class action settlement was reached. It appears that the inaccuracy was 3-4%.


Here is more food for thought. This IS also a notorious problem with 1992-2000 Civics and 1994-2001 Integras.


Case in point. I'm the original owner of my 1995 Civic EX Coupe. When new, it had the 185/60/14 tires. I found my speedo to be off by 10% per the speedo dyno check I had done at the time. It was reading 10% FASTER than actual speed. For the first 7 years, I dealt with it and mentally compensated by going 75-80 MPH to acheive a true speed of 68-73 MPH. With this 10% inaccuracy this also brings into question the odometer readings.........racking up mileage faster, as well as false 0-60 times published in the automotive press.


For the past 5 years, I have had 205/40/17 tires, and my speedo and odometer accuracy is PERFECT.



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I don't see how bigger-than-factory-rims are gonna make it perfect..but..

That's just you.


Take 2 circles, one larger and one smaller. Which one will travel farther a flat surface upon a full 360 degree rotation?


Answer: the larger one will. Simple math.


I've got speedo dyno checks to prove my point.

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Well, it's sort of both. It's all down to the diameter overall.


I've heard of that, Toy Civic. Specifically, I've heard that Hondas from that year come stock off by about 10% (erring high) and that by going up in overall wheel size to the standard for 17" rims corrects the problem perfectly.

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