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I have a few questions


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--what engine skunk or mugen and what model engine would i get the most for my money when i do a engine swap


--im going to do the engine swap because i want the speed but i dont want the coffe can muffler sound i want it to sound stock and if possible ever more quiet so are there any kinds of mufflers or exhaust systems specialy built for making the car more quiet


--and lastly i was wondering if there are any aftermarket transmission swaps i can do that will still allow me to keep the car automatic


:help: :help: :help: :help: :help:

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skunk2 and mugen don't make engines. What's your budget. Suggestions will be different with a $15,000 dollar budget than with a $5000 budget. An auto tranny won't be able to handle large hp numbers. A custom exhuast with 2-3 resonators and a good oval styled muffler (not a coffe can round one) will be pretty quiet and have a nice tone. You could also always add a silencer to the muffler to quiet it down even more.

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