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weee! everyone loves questions that have been asked 109080 times, but its okay if i do it cuz its me. lmao. anywho, i havent picked up my xr4ti just yet, i get it on saturday - im soo excited! but anyway, for my 94 accord (f22b2 auto) - i have decided to swap an obd1 h22a. so i've found my motor, and everything, but the problem lays in which computer do i get. i cant find a p13-900/1 for the life of me. i really wanna keep this car automatic; well - its someone else car, and theyd like to keep it automatic. im going to have the swap done at a tune shop and they quoted me 3,000 for all the materials, and 1-1.5k for labor. im trying to find all my own parts on the computer so i can save money.





thats the motor i want, and as far as my knowledge goes, i still need, motor mounts, the p13 automatic ecu, maybe a wire harness, but thats as far as my knowledge goes. can anyone tell me what else isnt included in this engine package that ill need to complete the swap, and also where i can find a p13 auto ecu.


btw, i could have sworn i read a whiiiile ago, that the f22 tranny will bolt up to the h22 motor, is that true, the guy said know, and im sure hes right, but for some reason ive always been under the impression that they did bolt up. anywho, thanks a bunch guys! - sonny.

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